Capturing real-time feedback from developers

Both giving and receiving feedback within the development team is key to success. Communication can quickly recognize and then solve a spectrum of issues, ranging from small errors to large bottlenecks; continual and effective communication can even prevent errors from ever occurring.

Typically, development teams use the Scrum methodology to organize and manage their upcoming goals. In Scrum, team members provide feedback during occasional one-to-one meetings and sprint retrospectives, an opportunity for developers to reflect on the past sprint and plan for the one ahead. These opportunities for real-time feedback are certainly helpful to development teams, but they only appear periodically.

It's usual that feedback is only collected in sprint retrospectives once or twice a week.

In this article, we will discuss Pullpo Insights, a product that tracks team goals and allows developers give immediate feedback, helping to further strengthen and unify the development team.

Pullpo Insights

Pullpo Insights aids development teams in three main ways: measuring metrics, gathering instant feedback, and organizing feedback:

1️⃣Metrics: Pullpo Insights measures and defines team metrics such as DORA and others. Pullpo currently measures metrics like cycle time, deployment frequency, batch size, code review time...

Pullpo metrics clearly display any deviation from team goals, allowing for quick detection of issues and avoidance of bottlenecks. By detecting anomalies and problems within the development team, Pullpo aligns squads to their objectives and working agreements, all in real-time.

2️⃣ Instant feedback: When team objectives are not met, Pullpo sends a notification to team members via Slack asking what the problem was and what can be improved. Developers can instantly provide feedback that is immediately available to fellow team members. This constant and instant feedback keeps the whole team on the same page and provides clarity to any confusion. Pullpo enables for feedback that is much more frequent than feedback gathered in weekly or monthly meetings.

3️⃣Organization: Pullpo organizes all gathered feedback into categorizes, clearly displaying the data and making it easy to analyze. The development team can now analyze feedback and make data-driven decisions to make improvements towards maximizing workflow and achieving goals.


Real-time feedback is a necessity to the success of development teams. It not only helps growth, but also facilitates support and camaraderie between team members by providing all individuals with the opportunity to instantly provide essential feedback. Pullpo Insights uniquely allows for constant real-time feedback, helping development teams clearly state their goals and then achieve them as a united front.


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